Taiwan Lore: Taiwan Tattoo Guy Sells NFT

Even if you don’t know much about Taiwan there are a big chances that you have heard about the Taiwan Tattoo guy. A British man who tattooed his forehead while intoxicated back in 2017. The news about his tattoo spread around the globe like wildfire. Everyone was talking about that British man who tattooed mandarin characters for Taiwan on his forehead and the Taiwan independence flag on his chin. He reportedly regretted it immediately after he sobered up enough to fathom exactly what he did. It was too little too late and in the space of a few days every major tabloid, in most western countries, had mentioned his antics, something that the hapless Taiwan Tattoo Guy wasn’t overjoyed about. Now he is selling his tattoo as an NFT.

Fiery Past

This wasn’t the only mistake he’s made, as many long-term residents of Taiwan know. He was notorious on Facebook making many incendiary comments nearly every night. He spoke fierily about Taiwan and demanded its independence. He even got into a fight, which was reported on national TV, over Taiwanese independence after becoming inflamed when he misheard somebody calling Taiwan China. The Taiwan Tattoo guy is mostly known for throwing a petrol bomb outside of a convenience store. This was done because clerks ran out of ketchup sachets and refused to serve him. He then expressed his disapproval with fiery passion.

He also once threatened to self immolate as an act of martyrdom for the sake of Taiwanese freedom during the Hong Kong protests in 2019.

The Taiwan Tattoo guy also had an entrepreneurial side to him and a passion that helped him to earn money. He opened a pork gyro stand next to a temple causing an inferno of popularity at the Kaoshiung street-food market.

Smoldering Hope

He definitely has a fiery past, but those days are over.  Luo Han, his Taiwanese name, has settled down and started a family. It’s been a very long time since he’s done something blazingly wrong and he is trying his best to have a normal life. Luo Han is leading a simple life. He’s biggest focus now is his Taiwanese family and their well-being. 

NFT = Non Fungible Token/Nice Face Tattoo

In the digital age of blockchain technology it came to his attention that his dopey move of the past can bring some wherewithal and his not so ‘Nice Facial Tattoo’ can be turned into a non-fungible token (NFT) which he can sell. So he decided to turn the very first photo of his tattooed face into an NFT which is now on auction at: https://bit.ly/2S5X6yX .

Remember that mistakes are a part of life. This is something that he says he needed to go through and it was his struggle, he definitely isn’t proud of what has been done but wants to do better. Life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from people’s worst mistakes. People aren’t their mistakes, they can move on. People have the power to change their present and their future. We can all have hope for a better tomorrow. We hope Lou Han can find peace and be happy with his new family.

And you never know, maybe this nugget of Taiwan internet history will appreciate in value in the future and bring you some financial gains. A part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to a Taiwanese foundation whose purpose is to promote democracy around the world.

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