The Tattoo Guy gets beaten up in Cambodia

Many of you probably remember last October's tattoo star of Taiwan, the Tattoo Guy. In late 2017 he decided to tattoo in traditional mandarin characters the word Taiwan right on his forehead and a little island of Taiwan on his chin. We were informed by him personally earlier on this year that he is currently... Continue Reading →

Lakalan1, a Pinoy party shall be done!

In less than one week, Taiwan will witness a truly unprecedented party. The critical mass has been reached, and a build-up of Filipino rappers, DJs, dancers and other Hip-Hop artists has come together to organize this unique event. Lakalan1 is an event organized for the Filipino community by nationals of the Philippine islands themselves. The event... Continue Reading →

Taiwanese indie music: Nuke ‘Em All 1st Birthday

On the 27th of this month Nuke ‘em all celebrates a year of bringing its unfiltered sound to the dancefloors across Taipei with a special event at Revolver. Based on a legendary club night in east London, UK from the late 00’s, the Taiwanese version has truly carried on the legacy by mixing DJ’s playing... Continue Reading →

Waterlogged gas pipes and a singing man, did he do it?

In the evening hours of a cold night residents of a building in Luzhou heard somebody having a loud karaoke session. A tenant went downstairs to check if it was in the basement, it wasn’t. It was on the second floor, which they went up to in order to check what was going. Upon reaching... Continue Reading →

ShuHong Riverside Park 119 Rescue Services Event

At ShuHong Riverside Park. On Saturday one of the Taiwan Observer and ASOT's correspondents happened upon an event while driving around New Taipei city. There was a line of rescue vehicles of all shapes and sizes on the side of the road. He was curious so he stopped off to check it out. He walked over... Continue Reading →

Mighty Cadillacs, Rarity in Taipei

Taipei is a medium sized metropolis with quite a bit of traffic. Thousands of cars drive on well organized roads everyday. Most of the cars that one can see  here are domestically assembled Japanese, Korean or European automobiles, American cars are rather hard to come across. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that in... Continue Reading →

Business as usual for the ‘Tattoo Geezer’

The ’tattoo geezer’ that made news at the beginning of this week is making a comeback. In a strong worded post, posted last night he challenged patrons to come and visit him at his bar. He instructed them that seeing him face to face is better than grouching online. The Taiwan Independence supporter is back... Continue Reading →

Taiwan Retrocession Day 2017

This week - and today specifically - marks the 72nd anniversary of Japan’s surrender of Taiwan to the Chinese Nationalist forces in the wake of the former’s defeat in World War 2. The arrival of Nationalist administration, however, was not and has not been universally embraced, and today, some issues remain unaddressed. Among those is... Continue Reading →

Tattoo Hero Busted for DUI Released Immediately Without Bail (無保請回)

The man that made national news yesterday got caught last night by a random police patrol. After a quick investigation it turned that the man was under the influence of alcohol. Breathalyzer test revealed that he had more than a couple as it showed 0.82 mg/l. The acceptable level breath alcohol content in Taiwan is 0.25 mg/L.... Continue Reading →

Fame catches on with the tattoo guy

Taiwanese reporters were quick to find out where the famous "tattoo guy" has his bar and interviewed him. The renowned now Kaohsiung's resident had his moment of fame when upon opening his bar's doors in the morning he looked into numerous paparazzis' lenses.  He made a little statement speech and proceeded to be interviewed by... Continue Reading →

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