Cinecore Foundation: Taiwan helping kids get digitally literate, #TaiwanCanHelp

It feels great to get your hands on a brand new computer, but have you ever wondered what happens to your old machine after you dispose of it? Most old computers in Taiwan end up in incinerators or at old computer yards, where they waste away for a few extra years until they end up in incinerators anyway. Some parts can be recycled, some cannot. Only a fraction of them gets repurposed or reused.

The mission at Cinecore Foundation is to fix up and deliver those old machines to the disadvantaged communities around the world, especially those in Africa. Cinecore is boosting digital literacy by providing people with access to the very computers that you, and our society as a whole, often sentencing them to death in flames of the incinerator, when they are still able to Make a difference and donate your old computer to us, now!

If you have upgraded your digital devices recently, don’t throw the old one in the trash even if it might be broke or seem like no one can use it. Cine core may still be able to fix the device or use it for parts in repairing other devices. Tablets cellphones and computers are more useful recycled than thrown out.

Cinecore is trying to bring digital literacy to disadvantaged children and help those children improve their prospects in the digital age. If children can develop their digital skills they can help not only themselves but their communities, too. They will more easily be able to access information that can benefit their lives and may even lead to innovative solutions for problems specific to their communities.

So don’t delay, don’t throw away! Help disadvantaged kids today!

Three Taiwan Based Artists to Watch in 2021.

By Zoe Lorimer

With only a few days left of 2020, a tumultuous and transformative year, we speak to some local musicians who are going to be making waves in 2021. In Taiwan, one place that is safe from COVID-19, people can still enjoy live music and performances. Hopefully, you can see some of these musicians perform next year.

(Editor’s note: Support these artists and the writer at their event on Saturday, Dec.19.)

Youguey @youguey

Hailing from the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) and based in Hualien, new father Youguey has been making music in Taiwan for a while. So what’s new? With his latest release Amen, Youguey’s short and sweet rap promotes his individuality. A message for himself and others, to take pride in who you are. 

When asked about his plans for next year, he told the Taiwan Observer that, “I’m going to release 26 songs, that’s two songs per month. The first one, Siempre, will be out on January 15th”. Damn! That’s three albums of music in a year. We’re looking forward to a ton of music from Youguey in 2021 and until then, you can listen to Amen on Soundcloud and watch the music video on Youguey’s YouTube channel.

Angie @a_hueman_angel

Singer, poet, model. Is there anything Angie can’t do? Angie has been performing all over Taiwan since she moved here from the US. In her most recent song Treat You Right, Angie considers her biggest lesson from 2020; to treat herself right. If you don’t treat yourself right, who will? 

So what’s coming up for Ange in 2021? She told us that, “I will release a music video for my new single: Treat You Right. I’m also recording an EP, which should be out by the end of 2021. I’ll continue to collaborate with other artists, like Rolhensha, and perform throughout the year”. Enjoy listening to Treat You Right here.

Moodi @moodidude

Brand new to the island, Moodi from Tennessee, is ready to bring his music from the US to Taipei. Being so fresh, Moodi hasn’t had the opportunity to perform in Taiwan yet, but we’re excited about his debut next year. While in lockdown, he wrote and produced his latest EP, 2fold.

When asked about his plans for 2021, Moodi said, “I released and made a lot of music in 2020, but I want to write new music, and explore new possibilities as an artist in a new place!” You can access 2fold and the rest of his music from 2020 here.

Then outside of music, both Youguey and Angie write and perform poetry. So if you want to see them in person, you can come to Ooh Cha Cha (Technology Building) on Saturday 19th at 3pm to watch them perform!

Young Girl Flies Into Air, Wrapped In Kite Tail | Hsinchu City International Kite Festival

Today, August 30th, 2020, a three year old girl was wrapped up in the end of a kite tail and ended up flying several meters into the air as the kite took off.

The incident took place at the Hsinchu City International Kite Festival at around 3:40pm in the afternoon near the Nanliao Harbor.

While preparign to launch a kite, several revelers were standing close to watch the kite take off. As the kite is launched strong winds kicked in and whipped the tail in such a way that the little girl was able to get entangled in the tail. The winds being very strong picked the little girl up a flung her high in the air.

Those watching started screaming and gasping at the sight and the kite was quickly brought to the ground where several onlookers grabbed the little girl out of the air and got her safely back on the ground.

The girl suffered no serious injuries after the incident except a few bruises and small lacerations. However one can imagine how traumatizing that must have been for a small child. Luckily she came out physically unharmed for the most part.

The Hsinchu City International Kite Festival was suspended for the time being. An investigation to the incident is underway and the festival will only reconvene after it has concluded.

Holger Chen, “Taiwan’s Joe Rogan”, Shot and Wounded 3 Times in Linkou

Holger Chen, known by some as Taiwan’s Joe Rogan, was shot and wounded three times outside his fitness center in Linkou, New Taipei this morning at around 2 am. He was rushed to the Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for treatment where he underwent surgery for his wounds. The surgery lasted 6 hours and he is now in stable condition. He will be in the hospital for about a week.

The suspect surnamed Liu shot Chen, in the calf, in the thigh and in the arm.(Update: Two bullets hit Chen causing three wounds. One shot went through his arm and into his thigh, one went into his calf.) He got into a taxi and left the scene of the crime. However he turned himself in to the police less than an hour after the incident. He handed over a gun with 5 bullets to the police. He confessed to the crime but police couldn’t immediately question him due to his request for a lawyer.

Immediately after the incident Chen went live on Facebook, having one of his staff hold the camera for him. In the video he is sprawled out on the ground in pain. At one point he can be heard saying ”take care of my wife, my kids, and also my mom” and wailing in pain. Soon paramedics arrived to take Chen to hospital.

The suspect is alleged to have harassed Chen previously. The previous alleged incident was one where the suspect came to Chen’s fitness center and was touching Chen on the chest and arms, to which Chen threatened to sue him for millions if he didn’t stop and didn’t apologize. Chen also went on to talk about the incident in a live broadcast.

The taxi that the suspect left in was the same one he arrived in. The taxi driver was questioned and released after giving his statement. It is believed the driver had no idea about what was going to happen. The driver gave no statement to the press after leaving the police station.

Update: The former New Power Party chairman, Huang Kuo-chang, uploaded this CCTV footage to Facebook showing the moment of the attack on Holger Chen.

The Tattoo Guy gets beaten up in Cambodia

Tattoo Artist

Many of you probably remember last October’s tattoo star of Taiwan, the Tattoo Guy. In late 2017 he decided to tattoo in traditional mandarin characters the word Taiwan right on his forehead and a little island of Taiwan on his chin. We were informed by him personally earlier on this year that he is currently living in Indochina, reportedly South Cambodian coastal city of Sihanoukville. He describes his stay there as a ‘vacation’.


He has contacted us again last night telling one of our correspondents that he was attacked and severely beaten up. The apparent reason for the attack was the tattoo.


Cambodia is currently experiencing a little tourists boom and many Chinese ‘businessman’ are setting up their establishments there. Those Chinese businessman refined their craft in China and now, alongside many henchmen, continue their artistry in Cambodia.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 14.41.24

The tattoo guy was unlucky to meet this very part of Chinese society. This is what he wrote on a FB group:

“While on vacation in Cambodia , a group of Chinese got enraged simply because my tattoo said Taiwan, and a large group of ten of them attacked me with metal poles and I’ve lost a tooth and two teeth drastically pushed forward, now cannot properly close my mouth.

All that sparked it was I took my cap off for a second and one in the group read my tattoo ” Taiwan” and shouted ‘Taiwan zhong guo’ I simply replied ‘Taiwan Taiwan’ and they went insane grabbed poles and started attacking me.

In future not going to take my hat off, getting tattoo removed btw. as was a stupid drunken mistake getting it tattooed on my face, any other part of my body would have been fine but not the face, had four laser removals already so flag on chin gone almost already still need a few more for forehead.

Taiwanese be careful abroad stay safe ! Actually I’ve met many really nice Chinese here in Cambodia but obviously only takes one group that are not so friendly and have trouble.”

Paul's message.edited


We were also contacted by a retired immigration lawyer who the Tatto Guy has apparently contacted. The Tattoo Guy was telling him that he was worried about being deported from Taiwan so he decided to go somewhere else till everything blows over. He was apparently on a 5 year probation but he managed to have a few court cases after and it was likely for him to be deported.

Below we post pictures we were sent last night. Viewer discretion is advised:




We were also sent a video:

Lakalan1, a Pinoy party shall be done!

In less than one week, Taiwan will witness a truly unprecedented party. The critical mass has been reached, and a build-up of Filipino rappers, DJs, dancers and other Hip-Hop artists has come together to organize this unique event.


Lakalan1 is an event organized for the Filipino community by nationals of the Philippine islands themselves. The event will happen during the upcoming Lunar New Year on two separate days.

The first bash will take place on Feb. 17, 2018 at 1 pm in Taichung city (台中) at Super Club YYG located on the sixth floor of First Square, Li Chuan West Street.

The second party will take place on Feb 18, 2018 at 2pm at Focus Disco bar located in the basement on 32 JinZhou Street in Zhongshan District.

The partygoers expected to turn up at the party are mostly to be OFWs, a Filipino term for migrant worker meaning: “Overseas Filipino Worker”.

The event will feature an all Filipino group “Brown 101” and “FlipTop Battle League” as well as other rappers, singers, and dancers hailing from the Philippines.

The group “Brown 101” is a collective of Filipino hip hop artists that gather in Zhongli to spit bars and produce new beats.

According to Focustaiwan ( ) the group consists of rappers and DJs from across Taiwan, including Jigsaw, JMT, Ely Romero, Zedrick who is also known as Decoy, Dee Third, Gobas Kalbaryo, Ichiro, Jeckoi, Joey Write, Antipatiko, Oomblast, Diablo/Deeplowmatic, DJ Jhang, DJ MP, DJ EUGZ, DJ Tred, DJ UDE, Dicky Fox, DJ Sheen, and Jo Flava.

Group’s music producer Gobas Kalbaryo posts results of their creative meeting on his YouTube channel.

The two events will consist of various performances and three 90-second rap battles, as well as a twerking competition!


The six battle rappers that will square off during the events are: Romano, Mhot, J-King, Decoy, Jigsaw and Aklas.


A part of the profit from these two events will be given to the LITRO Babies Phils Inc – LIver TRansplant Operation ( ), a foundation for babies in who need liver transplant operating in the Philippines.

These are the names of the producers and organizers of this first one ever gig:

Head organizer:  Allan Viray

Co-organizers:   Angelito Penuaga,   Jefferson Candido,   Paul John Macapinlac,   Jayson Suarez,   Bobby Clizzel Valdez


Taiwanese indie music: Nuke ‘Em All 1st Birthday

On the 27th of this month Nuke ‘em all celebrates a year of bringing its unfiltered sound to the dancefloors across Taipei with a special event at Revolver. Based on a legendary club night in east London, UK from the late 00’s, the Taiwanese version has truly carried on the legacy by mixing DJ’s playing raw electronic music, live hip-hop MC’s and delightful visuals from Leeds based artist NDYSAF.
The premise behind the event is simple, to promote underground electronic music from local Taiwanese artists as well as foreign DJ’s and producers currently residing in Taipei.
For the 1st birthday Nuke ‘em all invites award winning Taiwanese artist Dizparity aka Po Cheng Yeh, who released his debut album ‘夜相Night Phase’ last year on Dark Paradise Records and was nominated for the 8th Golden Indie Melody award.
Support comes from US born future funk artist Consumer. Electronics, French house DJ and promoter Touché and Nuke ‘em all resident Hassan Raphael.
Nuke ‘em all’s 1st birthday is on the 27th January at Revolver, Taipei, from 23:00 – 4:00. Tickets are available on the door for $300 with a drink before 12, and $150 after.

Facebook event:

1月27號重度核爆衝擊即將在Revolver迎接他的一週年生日 由DJ群們帶著大家穿梭時空 以英國東倫敦的經典夜生活氛圍為發想,將與台灣本土揉合,帶往千禧世紀末的懷舊新浪潮。

具有原創性的地下電子音樂 即興的嘻哈說唱mc 搭配上來自英倫Leeds 的藝術家NDYSAF獨特的視覺影像

重度核爆衝擊是什麼 我們是一群本土以及在台灣居住的外國藝術家的。希望能夠分享更多元的地下電子音樂文化。

本次的一週年生日 我們特別邀請到 榮獲第八屆金音奬提名DJ Dizparity aka Po Chang Yeh (2017 專輯 夜相night phase )

三把地下音樂界大刀同場出演: 來自美國future funk藝術家 Promoter Touché 重度核爆衝擊創辦人 Hassan Raphael

票價資訊 1/27 23:00-04:00 在Revolver 當天12點前入場 300元 12點之後入場 150元 (售價包含一杯飲料)

Facebook event:

nukenuke-1 - Copy.jpg

Waterlogged gas pipes and a singing man, did he do it?

In the evening hours of a cold night residents of a building in Luzhou heard somebody having a loud karaoke session. A tenant went downstairs to check if it was in the basement, it wasn’t. It was on the second floor, which they went up to in order to check what was going. Upon reaching the floor they were astonished and stood outside of the apartment, some older gentleman was singing nostalgic songs in Taiwanese in the apartment. It was barely eight. Thinking that the music wasn’t much of a disturbance they didn’t think much of it and left it as it was.

Shortly after the administrator of the building sent a representative to go door to door asking if somebody made any changes to the gas pipe work because the whole building didn’t have gas and they suspected a tenant installing a new boiler to be the perpetrator of the whole situation. Most probably somebody must have connected p

ipes incorrectly when they were installing their new boiler. The person behind it has either connected the pipes themselves, hired an unlicensed builder or shady building service to do it for them and they didn’t want to come forward so they could save some “face”, some tenants gathered outside concluded. It was one of the coldest nights of the year and many tenants found themselves without hot water. Later on, building’s administration started a broadcast over the PA asking all tenants not to use gas or water for a while.

The Gas company’s engineers were dispatched to the building and the same door from behind which one could hear loud karaoke earlier on, now was wide open with all the lights off and cold draft was blasting through the desolate space. Feeling of emergency could be felt. Outside engineers were screaming at each other to turn off the gas immediately as it apparently went inside the water pipes and vice versa. A hacked pipe was sticking out from the wall; water was still streaming out of it. Smell of gas was all around and a crowd that gathered looked on in awe.


What transpired later was that the person who caused the entire building not to have gas that night was the very same person who lived in the apartment that hosted a little karaoke showdown earlier on that evening. This is just a speculation but it appeared to a few tenants as if the guy wanted to ‘sing off’ this blunder and forget it while emptying a glass of Kaoliang, or make it look as though he had no idea what was going on because it was so ‘loud’ in his apartment. It was quite a cold night, and plenty of people didn’t have water or gas, right when it snowed in some parts of Taiwan. It wasn’t until 16:00 the next day when the gas was finally turned back on in the entire building, allowing people to have a hot shower and cook normally again.

We are not sure how much the fine for such a blunder is. The gas company jad spent a lot of time repairing this massive mistake, so it’s safe to say someone will be paying for the mishap a hefty fine. However a burning question we have remains, is this even possible, connecting water to gas and gas to water pipes….. is this even possible without some major jerry-rigging ?

ShuHong Riverside Park 119 Rescue Services Event

At ShuHong Riverside Park. On Saturday one of the Taiwan Observer and ASOT’s correspondents happened upon an event while driving around New Taipei city. There was a line of rescue vehicles of all shapes and sizes on the side of the road. He was curious so he stopped off to check it out. He walked over to the rescue vehicles and saw tents selling all sorts of stuff. Walking around him were hundreds of firefighters, police,and other manner of rescue workers. He managed to snap some pictures of the fire trucks and asked the rescue worker standing by the trucks what was going on. He found out it was a rescue services event promoting 119 service number. Near the middle of the event there was a stage with crowds of people around it and T.V. cameras pointed at it. Some new police officers or rescue workers were getting awards of sorts. On the other side of the stage there was a line of food trucks. I got to see a really nice pizza made in wood fired oven.


Mighty Cadillacs, Rarity in Taipei

Taipei is a medium sized metropolis with quite a bit of traffic. Thousands of cars drive on well organized roads everyday. Most of the cars that one can see  here are domestically assembled Japanese, Korean or European automobiles, American cars are rather hard to come across.


Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that in Taipei there aren’t many vintage cars clubs. At least not as many as in for example Japan, the Philippines or New Zealand.

There are of course exceptions. And one of these is this group of photos collected by followers of  our facebook group

Enjoy these few photos of  rarely seen in Taipei Cadillacs from the 80s. All the machines in the pictures were spotted in Taiwan in the early January of 2017.


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