ShuHong Riverside Park 119 Rescue Services Event

At ShuHong Riverside Park. On Saturday one of the Taiwan Observer and ASOT’s correspondents happened upon an event while driving around New Taipei city. There was a line of rescue vehicles of all shapes and sizes on the side of the road. He was curious so he stopped off to check it out. He walked over to the rescue vehicles and saw tents selling all sorts of stuff. Walking around him were hundreds of firefighters, police,and other manner of rescue workers. He managed to snap some pictures of the fire trucks and asked the rescue worker standing by the trucks what was going on. He found out it was a rescue services event promoting 119 service number. Near the middle of the event there was a stage with crowds of people around it and T.V. cameras pointed at it. Some new police officers or rescue workers were getting awards of sorts. On the other side of the stage there was a line of food trucks. I got to see a really nice pizza made in wood fired oven.


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