South African Expats show solidarity with protesters on “Black Monday”

Recently South Africa has seen a surge in attacks on farmers. These attacks have seen many farmers assaulted, robbed and murdered. Members of the South African community in Taiwan wanted to show their solidarity with the people protesting against the murders. The movement called “Black Monday” saw protesters block roads and wear all black in mourning.

Members of the Taiwan Observer community, local South African couple and owners of Meatmate, Corne and Petro Venter, reached out to the editorial team and asked us to share their images of solidarity for the protests from Taiwan. Many South African expats living in Taiwan have relatives still living back in the South African countryside, so this is particularly tough for many of them.

The photos below picture expats and local Taiwanese people showing their support and sorrow. Among the expats was a group of teachers at Dominican International School from all over the world; South Africa, Spain, The Philippines, Canada, and the U.S.A.  They held up signs denouncing the killings and many wore black in mourning.

Photos provided by Petro Venter

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