Star Wars cosplay and promotion in Ximending (photos)

On December 16th in the afternoon and evening on the “Movie Street” Taiwan Observer happened to come upon a Star Wars cosplay event. A group of local Star Wars enthusiasts and the Vieshow Cinemas held a little star wars event including a march, crafts and all your favorite characters. The cos-players were happy to pose for photos with anyone interested and were all very friendly.

After taking a few photos we left the scene and went on our way. about 3 hours later we headed back in the same direction to find that the little event had grown dramatically and with fans and cos-players all gathering for a photo op and march down the movie street. Local media outlets came to cover the spectacle, while enthusiasts where there to celebrate the new Star Wars movie.

Taoyuan Factory Fire Aftermath, in photos

Deadly fire that killed six Vietnamese workers in the wee hours last Thursday (December 14th, 2017) didn’t leave much of the illegal dorm adjacent to the factory.

Our correspondent went to the scene today to discover the eerie site, the remains of the dorm can be clearly seen with a metal staircase leading to the second floor. The actual factory itself is still working and the machinery was churning out panels as on any other day. The bosses of the company got bailed out and are suspected of negligence and unintentional manslaughter.


These fire extinguishers were not enough

Banqiao flower market in photos

Over the weekend we headed out to the Banqiao Flower Market to take a look around and see if we could find some dried flowers. There were many beautiful flowers but on this day many of the stalls were closed. Few of the stores were open and even fewer people showed up before 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning. This may be because anyone looking for flowers on the weekend might head over to the bigger market, The Taipei Weekend flower market. Fewer people actually made the experience a lot more pleasant, allowing us to take our time and snap some great photos of the orchids. The orchids were really a beautiful site with clear love and devotion poured into looking after them. The bonsai trees were the same there was clear love and care put into pruning and shaping the trees, it looked like hours and hours worth of painstaking work.

Google maps: 

Art in Taipei: LGBTQ, Internet memes, and Hermes Wanderland (photo essay)

For those of us who aren’t so much night owls or early birds as we are sparrows of the high noon, we mostly spend our weekends coffee-shop-hopping, strolling through the same shopping districts, or catching an often underwhelming flick at our local movie house. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a lazy chat with a friend over some delectable, albeit slightly overpriced artisan coffee, or lining up for the 37th Fast & Furious installment, if you’re anything like us, we spend half the time grousing about how there’s nothing to do in Taipei. Truth is, we just weren’t looking hard enough (or, at all), because there actually are quite a few alternatives to spending your Saturday afternoon.

The following are a few exhibits we caught over the past few weeks. Not only was it a great way to explore the creative scene in Taipei, our wallets were given a much-needed rest.

Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum 091717

Price of Admission: FREE

We popped in on the last day of these exhibits at around 5PM, and spent a good 3 hours just roaming around the place. There were a total of 7 exhibits on display that day, but only pictures from the “Arena” exhibit are pictured.

The following is a room filled with nothing but gauzy curtains illuminated by projections of changing scenery. The idea sounds simple enough, but it was certainly beautiful, and made for some sweet Instagram shots.




It was a pretty surreal experience, too, mostly because we spent about 20 minutes trying to capture the perfect “artsy” shot, only to find out that we were behind the attraction the whole time. If you look closely, you can spot the legs of one of the 40 people kind enough not to judge us as we sheepishly slunk out to join them.


This is what the attraction actually looked like: (Courtesy of TFAM)


Below is a DIY photo booth-type setup – the tiny yellow door blending into the background leads to a room stocked with an array of full-body costumes and props.


This here is a nifty little church dedicated to social media.




A collection of random pictures from the Arena exhibit:








Location: Songshan Cultural & Creative Park 093017

Price of Admission – FREE

HERMES Wanderland Exhibit

So, we got there around 5PM, but the queue was still pretty insane. But it was free, so here we are in line number 2. To see where the actual line begins, look to the left of the picture:


Here’s a map of the exhibition:


Each party was given these special monocles attached to wooden canes (to be returned after the exhibit, of course). Peek through one of the blank spaces within the designated markers and watch a quick cartoon.
















Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei 100717

Spectrosynthesis – Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now

Price of Admission: $50 NTD

In light of the historic ruling by Taiwan’s top court, MOCA launched its first “LGBTQ art survey show.” Said exhibit curator, Sean Hu, to CNN: “We hope the exhibit has a ripple effect across Asian society, and leads to people respecting different sexual orientations. The work relates to issues facing the Chinese LGBTQ community and our life stories.”


Below are a few pictures from the stirring exhibit:













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