Star Wars cosplay and promotion in Ximending (photos)

On December 16th in the afternoon and evening on the "Movie Street" Taiwan Observer happened to come upon a Star Wars cosplay event. A group of local Star Wars enthusiasts and the Vieshow Cinemas held a little star wars event including a march, crafts and all your favorite characters. The cos-players were happy to pose for... Continue Reading →

Taoyuan Factory Fire Aftermath, in photos

Deadly fire that killed six Vietnamese workers in the wee hours last Thursday (December 14th, 2017) didn't leave much of the illegal dorm adjacent to the factory. Our correspondent went to the scene today to discover the eerie site, the remains of the dorm can be clearly seen with a metal staircase leading to the... Continue Reading →

Art in Taipei: LGBTQ, Internet memes, and Hermes Wanderland (photo essay)

For those of us who aren’t so much night owls or early birds as we are sparrows of the high noon, we mostly spend our weekends coffee-shop-hopping, strolling through the same shopping districts, or catching an often underwhelming flick at our local movie house. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a lazy chat with... Continue Reading →

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