Taiwanese indie music: Nuke ‘Em All 1st Birthday

On the 27th of this month Nuke ‘em all celebrates a year of bringing its unfiltered sound to the dancefloors across Taipei with a special event at Revolver. Based on a legendary club night in east London, UK from the late 00’s, the Taiwanese version has truly carried on the legacy by mixing DJ’s playing raw electronic music, live hip-hop MC’s and delightful visuals from Leeds based artist NDYSAF.
The premise behind the event is simple, to promote underground electronic music from local Taiwanese artists as well as foreign DJ’s and producers currently residing in Taipei.
For the 1st birthday Nuke ‘em all invites award winning Taiwanese artist Dizparity aka Po Cheng Yeh, who released his debut album ‘夜相Night Phase’ last year on Dark Paradise Records and was nominated for the 8th Golden Indie Melody award.
Support comes from US born future funk artist Consumer. Electronics, French house DJ and promoter Touché and Nuke ‘em all resident Hassan Raphael.
Nuke ‘em all’s 1st birthday is on the 27th January at Revolver, Taipei, from 23:00 – 4:00. Tickets are available on the door for $300 with a drink before 12, and $150 after.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/665685380486798/nuke3

1月27號重度核爆衝擊即將在Revolver迎接他的一週年生日 由DJ群們帶著大家穿梭時空 以英國東倫敦的經典夜生活氛圍為發想,將與台灣本土揉合,帶往千禧世紀末的懷舊新浪潮。

具有原創性的地下電子音樂 即興的嘻哈說唱mc 搭配上來自英倫Leeds 的藝術家NDYSAF獨特的視覺影像

重度核爆衝擊是什麼 我們是一群本土以及在台灣居住的外國藝術家的。希望能夠分享更多元的地下電子音樂文化。

本次的一週年生日 我們特別邀請到 榮獲第八屆金音奬提名DJ Dizparity aka Po Chang Yeh (2017 專輯 夜相night phase )

三把地下音樂界大刀同場出演: 來自美國future funk藝術家 Promoter Touché 重度核爆衝擊創辦人 Hassan Raphael

票價資訊 1/27 23:00-04:00 在Revolver 當天12點前入場 300元 12點之後入場 150元 (售價包含一杯飲料)

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/665685380486798/

nukenuke-1 - Copy.jpg

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