Business as usual for the ‘Tattoo Geezer’

The ’tattoo geezer’ that made news at the beginning of this week is making a comeback. In a strong worded post, posted last night he challenged patrons to come and visit him at his bar. He instructed them that seeing him face to face is better than grouching online. The Taiwan Independence supporter is back... Continue Reading →

Taiwan Retrocession Day 2017

This week - and today specifically - marks the 72nd anniversary of Japan’s surrender of Taiwan to the Chinese Nationalist forces in the wake of the former’s defeat in World War 2. The arrival of Nationalist administration, however, was not and has not been universally embraced, and today, some issues remain unaddressed. Among those is... Continue Reading →

Tattoo Hero Busted for DUI Released Immediately Without Bail (無保請回)

The man that made national news yesterday got caught last night by a random police patrol. After a quick investigation it turned that the man was under the influence of alcohol. Breathalyzer test revealed that he had more than a couple as it showed 0.82 mg/l. The acceptable level breath alcohol content in Taiwan is 0.25 mg/L.... Continue Reading →

Fame catches on with the tattoo guy

Taiwanese reporters were quick to find out where the famous "tattoo guy" has his bar and interviewed him. The renowned now Kaohsiung's resident had his moment of fame when upon opening his bar's doors in the morning he looked into numerous paparazzis' lenses.  He made a little statement speech and proceeded to be interviewed by... Continue Reading →

太愛台灣!外國人刺“臺灣 ”在額頭

一名在臺灣生活超過十年的“外國人”為表示對這片他所喜愛的土地“臺灣”支持,在這個月十八號,他去了高雄一家二十四小時營業的刺青店把繁體的“臺灣”兩字和一面小國旗刺在額頭及下巴上。那面國旗其實並非臺灣正式的國旗而是一面多用來代表“臺獨”的旗幟。   據了解,那家店的刺青師覺得有位“老外”居然要做這樣的刺青很有趣,也很樂意接下這份案子。 有網友怒罵刺青師怎麼會接下這份案子,但有些網友則指出那名老外應該只是“喝茫了”而已。   故事中的主角長期會在臉書上表示對臺獨的支持,許多持反面意見的網友常在網路上和他針鋒相對。       有名網友甚至還在他的貼文底下留言,提供他有在做雷射除刺青的診所的資料。這名來自南台灣的“老外”和他瘋狂的舉動已在網路上引起熱議。 這名老外老闆很自豪於他的經營成果,他表示,在白天喝酒並不是臺灣人的習慣但是希望能藉由在早上九點至下午五點之後提供酒精飲料來鼓勵客人在白天也能喝酒享樂。 他也坦誠在刺青的當下他是處於非常醉的一個狀態,他也覺得這樣的舉動不是很明智也很後悔,但是他很樂見這樣的行為能為他的小酒吧帶來更多的宣傳和大家對臺獨的重視,因為他已經準備好成為一名“正港的臺灣人”了。     (聲明)此篇文章內容經查證屬實,所有內容皆被文章內主角本人所同意。

Long term expat tattoos the Taiwanese independence flag on his face

  An expat residing in Taiwan for more than a decade has decided to prove his support for his adopted country by tattooing words saying “臺灣“ (Taiwan) in traditional mandarin characters and a little flag on his chin. The flag isn’t the commonly used flag for Taiwan but rather the flag for support of Taiwanese... Continue Reading →

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