Long term expat tattoos the Taiwanese independence flag on his face


An expat residing in Taiwan for more than a decade has decided to prove his support for his adopted country by tattooing words saying “臺灣“ (Taiwan) in traditional mandarin characters and a little flag on his chin. The flag isn’t the commonly used flag for Taiwan but rather the flag for support of Taiwanese independence.


He had the tattoos done in a 24 hours Tattoo parlour in Southern Taiwanese City of Kaohsiung on October 18th. The tattoo artist at the shop was reportedly very happy to do the job and was amused that a foreign man was getting the tattoo. Some netizens were angered that the tattoo artist would agree to do something like this. While others pointed out the pitfalls to alcohol.

netizens angry with the tattoo artist


The man has long a history of pro Taiwanese independence and often uses facebook as a way to voice his support. Many netizens who have a differing opinion have been confronted publicly by him and have had to vigorously defend their points when talking with him.


He is also known in Kaohsiung for owning a little pub and an athletic club in Yancheng, Kaohsiung. “The Kayak Club” is located at Number 4 Lane 24 Xinghua Street, Yancheng Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The club is situated a stone’s throw away from a clean canal suitable for kayaking, hence the name.



The man is confident in the success of his  bar business. He claims that daytime drinking has not yet a thing in Taiwan and he wants to encourage it by offering alcoholic drinks to customers nine to five and beyond. He also claims to have been very drunk when getting the tattoo done and that he is a full fledged Taiwanese citizen. He does acknowledge how stupid it was and clearly regrets his actions, but says he is happy if this brings more eyes to his “Kayak Club” and the Taiwanese independence movement.



A netizen in the comments of his post showed him a picture of a local clinic offering to help him remove the tattoo if he wants. The net is abuzz with this, the latest of antics from the foreigner down south.

netizen shows paul image from clinic offering to help remove the tattoo



(Disclaimer) This article was approved, and all the information included was also approved by the man himself.

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  1. ‘sanfenzheng’ – if you’re going to contradict your love for Taiwan by using PRC pinyin, you may as well spell it correctly.


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