Lakalan1, a Pinoy party shall be done!

In less than one week, Taiwan will witness a truly unprecedented party. The critical mass has been reached, and a build-up of Filipino rappers, DJs, dancers and other Hip-Hop artists has come together to organize this unique event.


Lakalan1 is an event organized for the Filipino community by nationals of the Philippine islands themselves. The event will happen during the upcoming Lunar New Year on two separate days.

The first bash will take place on Feb. 17, 2018 at 1 pm in Taichung city (台中) at Super Club YYG located on the sixth floor of First Square, Li Chuan West Street.

The second party will take place on Feb 18, 2018 at 2pm at Focus Disco bar located in the basement on 32 JinZhou Street in Zhongshan District.

The partygoers expected to turn up at the party are mostly to be OFWs, a Filipino term for migrant worker meaning: “Overseas Filipino Worker”.

The event will feature an all Filipino group “Brown 101” and “FlipTop Battle League” as well as other rappers, singers, and dancers hailing from the Philippines.

The group “Brown 101” is a collective of Filipino hip hop artists that gather in Zhongli to spit bars and produce new beats.

According to Focustaiwan ( ) the group consists of rappers and DJs from across Taiwan, including Jigsaw, JMT, Ely Romero, Zedrick who is also known as Decoy, Dee Third, Gobas Kalbaryo, Ichiro, Jeckoi, Joey Write, Antipatiko, Oomblast, Diablo/Deeplowmatic, DJ Jhang, DJ MP, DJ EUGZ, DJ Tred, DJ UDE, Dicky Fox, DJ Sheen, and Jo Flava.

Group’s music producer Gobas Kalbaryo posts results of their creative meeting on his YouTube channel.

The two events will consist of various performances and three 90-second rap battles, as well as a twerking competition!


The six battle rappers that will square off during the events are: Romano, Mhot, J-King, Decoy, Jigsaw and Aklas.


A part of the profit from these two events will be given to the LITRO Babies Phils Inc – LIver TRansplant Operation ( ), a foundation for babies in who need liver transplant operating in the Philippines.

These are the names of the producers and organizers of this first one ever gig:

Head organizer:  Allan Viray

Co-organizers:   Angelito Penuaga,   Jefferson Candido,   Paul John Macapinlac,   Jayson Suarez,   Bobby Clizzel Valdez


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