How to leave Taiwan if you overstayed (For Foreign Workers)

What to do when you have overstayed and worked in Taiwan illegally, but have decided to leave the island?

If you want to self-repatriate you will have to approach authorities and start the “Surrender Process”.

This procedure is done in a humane way and since you are approaching the authorities yourself you won’t be detained. Below you can find five details regarding the “Surrender Process”.

1. Get NT$20,000 ready.

NT$10,000 is for the fine (罰款) if you overstayed more than 90 days. This is the maximum fine. If you have been in Taiwan for even several years you will be only asked to pay NT$10,000

However, if you have overstayed from 31 to less than 90 days your fine will be NT$5,000.

If you overstayed from 11 to less than 30 days your fine will be NT$3,000.

If you overstayed for less than 1o days your fine will be NT$1,000. 20K

The other NT$10,000 is for your flight ticket. It is up to “Taipei City Immigration Special Brigade” when your flight is going to be. If the ticket turns out to be cheaper they will return you the difference.



2. Contact “Taipei City Specialized Brigade”


You can call them on 02 2239 6339 or go there in person 306, Section 3 Xinlong Road, Wensahn district, Taipei City (臺北市文山區興隆路三段306號).

DON’T WORRY! THEY WILL NOT DETAIN YOU! You can still freely stay where you want and if you don’t have enough money they will try provide you with some basic accommodation.



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3. You WILL be interrogated and asked about your previous employers.

“Taipei City Specialized Brigade” needs to have a record and details of every person approaching them.

These are some of the likely questions you will be asked:

  • Were have you worked before?
  • What are the details of your previous employer?
  • How long you have worked there?
  • How many people are employed there illegally?
  • How much did your previous employer pay you?
  • How much money you are carrying?


4. What about my passport?

If you don’t have a passport because your previous employer kept it or other reasons “Taipei City Specialized Brigade” will assist you with getting a new one.

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5. How long will the process take?

This depends on each case. Sometimes if you have your passport and money ready the whole process shouldn’t take more than a few days. However if there are some problems with obtaining a new passport for you the process may take a little longer, sometimes even over a month.

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These are the five, easy steps that you can take if you have decided to self-repatriate. Taiwan Observer’s editorial team wishes you good luck with your journey back home!




3 thoughts on “How to leave Taiwan if you overstayed (For Foreign Workers)

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  1. Sir/Madam,my sister was overstayed her visa,since early2014 up to this present,she runaway from her previous employer and work illegal from outside.just a week ago she decided to surrender and just want to goback home to the philippines so she went to MECO taiwan to ask help..only to findout that her previous employer (according to the MeCO embassy,)filed a case against her and that she must be penalised to pay 280,000N.T dollars plus a 1year or less inprisinment..
    Would this be possible?is this really the way it is?please im begging for help…since my sister really need to gohome because she is sick..very sickly …and she misses her kids want to be with themm..
    Thank you so much if sonebody could help..


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