Tattoo Hero Busted for DUI Released Immediately Without Bail (無保請回)

The man that made national news yesterday got caught last night by a random police patrol. After a quick investigation it turned that the man was under the influence of alcohol. Breathalyzer test revealed that he had more than a couple as it showed 0.82 mg/l. The acceptable level breath alcohol content in Taiwan is 0.25 mg/L.

He got taken to the police station where he apparently got very loud and belligerent. The man was put into a cell where he got extremely boisterous and distressed. He even tried to destroy cell’s toilet seat cover. Because of a rather “action-packed” previous day he quickly ran out of energy and decided to get some shut-eye. After a few necessary procedures police officers decided to release him without bail. In a normal situation this wouldn’t have happened but taken men’s “high recognizability” officers decided to make an exception.

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