Linkou Freeway Crash, 3 dead 1 injured

At 3:20 in the afternoon, just below a viaduct of recently finished airport MRT a terrible accident happened. On the Southbound part of the Freeway number 1, as many as six vehicles have collided creating a pile-up that eventually got partially engulfed in fire.

The crash took place in Linkou, New Taipei City. As the result of fire three people have lost their lives, two of them were trapped inside a van that got sandwiched between vehicles. Another live lost belonged to the truck driver that followed the van in his little articulated lorry.


The exact cause of the collision is still being investigated. A thick plume of smoke was seen from several kilometres away. Fortunately for the other drivers involved in the crash there were no more life threatening injuries reported. One driver was taken to a nearby hospital for his minor injuries.


The crash created massive disruptions for the motorists. At some point all lanes in the southerly direction were closed off to traffic. This was done so investigators could establish what exactly caused the fire and the accident in the first place. Most of the traffic in both directions, in and out of Taipei was affected. Our correspondents reported traffic jams in most of the eastern New Taipei City due to the accident and the sheer volume of traffic that was disrupted.


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