Get rich with Taiwan Observer’s Monetization Scheme

[the article was a prank prepared for April’s Fools Day]

Hey there, Observers!

After producing content and aggregating news effortlessly for quite a some time now, the time has come for monetization and cashing in on our efforts. One of Taiwan Observer’s co founders has recently bought a car and this lead us to discovering new avenues of revenue generation. In order to get some income and bring you more, new content, we have decided to finally to get involved in a business and give you a chance to become rich in the process. Watch the video at the bottom of the article to see that this is legit.


We have hooked up with our Ugandan Correspondent to bring you this fantastic offer. Now you can get a case of gold weighing approximately 7.5 kilograms each for a special offer of only $99,000. The market value of 7.5 kilograms of gold is $330,000. Yet for us, thanks to our international connections, we are able to bring to you this one and only chance to buy plenty of African gold for cheap .


We want to be honest with our readers and we do admit that this offer is part of our new, Taiwan Observer Monetization Scheme. We do have a little percentage of each successful transaction. But the time has come for the Taiwan Observer Editorial Team to start earning some money in a legitimate way.


In order to participate in this wonderful offer please, send us an email to this email address: Please, include your first and last names, physical address, cell phone number, ID numbers, bank code and account number of the bank account you will be transferring the money to us from. Your cooperation and strict adherence to our instructions is necessary for a successful transaction.


Below you can find the video of our Ugandan correspondent presenting the gold to prove to you it is legit. Have a look and judge for yourself, this is the deal of a lifetime.



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