Last Festival Standing: Chateau’s Annual Beach Party in Kenting Is Spring Break Weekend’s Only Fest Left

This Spring Break weekend on April 4th, 5th and 6th, local and international DJs, dancers, jugglers, acrobats, an internet celebrity who’s appeared on America’s got talent, 300 bikers, and thousands of Taiwan’s craziest party people will descend on Kenting for Chateau’s 2019 Spring Break on the Beach.

This year’s international Acts include up and coming French DJ and Producer, Solberjum, the British born globetrotter, Swindali, HK based Mojito and Wes-P aka Mr Uekusa. Locally based acts include the self proclaimed “party king”, Famous, Perennial Glastonbury act, DJ Chamber and the queen of Southern Taiwan beach parties, MoneyDick.

Famous getting people HYPED!

It looks like it will be hotter and crazier than ever. Other event promoters, including the legendary Spring Scream indie band festival, have moved their events to later in the year. This leaves Spring Break on the Beach as the only music festival on the island over what has historically been one of the bigger party weekends of the year.

The lack of other events and a downturn in Mainland tour groups has driven down hotel rates in Kenting, which should encourage more people to take the trip down South.  And a very mild winter in Southern Taiwan is a sign that people in Taipei might decide to trade in their umbrellas for a healthy slathering of sunscreen to enjoy the long weekend.

Is this Taiwan’s first bike week? The island’s largest Harley Davidson riders association has decided to make the trip down to Kenting this year. 300 of their members have already signed on. This year sports cars that usually drive up and down Kenting main street may have competition for the road.

Mr Uekusa holds a large red cloth over himself and takes off all his clothes. He lays down and places a teacup over his naughty parts. Simon Cowell is speechless. Do a youtube search to see the rest… Or just come to Spring Break. We’re not totally sure what he’ll do on stage, but we’re excited and a little bit nervous.

2018_09_14 414
Mr Uekusa… whats about to happen?

What happens when you mix DJs, dancers, circus performers, bikers, and a Japanese entertainer named Wes-P, who’s known for doing a naked version of the classic tablecloth trick? According to the team at On the Beach Promotions, “This year’s gonna be weird,”

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年年吸引大批年輕樂迷及派對子民們,於國內外皆享富盛名的南台灣派對「夏都春宴 Spring Break on the Beach」將於4月4、5、6日正式登場,要與墾丁的艷陽一起點燃大家的派對魂!今年主辦單位更邀請到網路人氣居高不下的日本搞笑藝人 Wes-P(植草和久) 以及台灣最大哈雷車隊多達三百位車友,大陣仗地一同前往墾丁參加夏都春宴。三百輛的客製化哈雷機車在墾丁大街上吸睛程度可能不輸給往年的高級跑車。

今年邀請的國際藝人包含法國音樂鬼才 Solberjum、巡迴世界的英國DJ Swindali、香港知名DJ Mojito 以及日本搞笑藝人 Wes-P(植草和久)。國內藝人DJ也邀請了號稱「派對之王」的FAMOUS、英國Glastonbury音樂祭固定班底 DJ Chamber 以及南台灣的派對女神 MoneyDick




網路高人氣的日本搞笑藝人 Wes-P(植草和久)以高超技巧裸體抽桌巾走紅,讓杯子與餐盤在桌巾抽走後仍能巧妙地遮住重點部位。在英國達人秀演出時,更是讓毒舌評審賽門震驚得啞口無言。今年主辦單位邀請到這位當紅的藝人在夏都春宴現場演出,娛樂效果比起在Youtube上看到的一定更為精彩。


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