Highschool student organizes charity concert for disabled swimmers

William Hung, a Grade 12 student at Dominican International School has organized a charity concert to raise funds for disabled swimmers. The beneficiary is the Taipei Swimming Association for the Disabled (TSAD), a charity organization that provides free swimming lessons to people with disabilities.

TDSA concert 2TDSA concert 4

The Brave Swimmer Concert will be held in the gym of Dominican International School on March 29, starting at 18:00.

A coach in the association once told William a story about a particular student who was afraid of water. Every class, they would spend half an hour trying to convince him to get into the pool only for him to jump out moments later. Though there seemed to be little progress, they tried week after week only because the student came back. It was six months before the student first hesitantly moved into the pool without help. “He told me that coaching those children is not always about improvement or making a big change, but simply being there with them, hoping and persisting,” said William

TDSA concert1

For the past four years, William has worked with those amazing people as a fellow volunteer coach. “I see the coaches trying their best. I see the student’s perseverance. Yet, I do not see the organization receiving the support it should so I decided to hold this concert to help raise funds and spread awareness for the Taipei Swimming Association for the Disabled”, William told Taiwan Observer.

TDSA concert 3

The program includes the performance of the student orchestra and choir of Dominican International School,  two short plays , the winners of the school’s annual Young Shakespeare Playwriting Competition and four members of the association.

It coats NT 200 for a ticket and all revenue will be donated to TSAD.  Email 1300019@dishs.tp.edu.tw for tickets, or buy them at the door.

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