Join 100+ Bikini Riders Set to Descend on Taipei for the S20 Festival!

Taipei Summers are scorching and July 6 is the perfect day of the year to put on a bikini, hop on a bicycle, and head to S20, the only festival in Taiwan with fire hoses mounted on the main stage! 

Heads will turn as over 100 riders wearing bikinis leave Maji Square and head to Dajia Riverside Park for a day of fun with some of the world’s most popular DJs, like R3hab and Yellow Claw, who will take the stage at the wettest festival setup ever. Party people will pack sunscreen, waterproof cases for their phones, and not much else as they beat the heat by spending a day at the specially designed venue, which brings Thailand’s biggest Songkran music fest to Taiwan’s capital city. 

What makes S2O Taiwan stand out is not only their almost 1 Million USD stage set up with 360 degree water jets making it literally rain on the crowd, but also their thoughtful inclusion of a “Dry Area” where you can sit down in peace and enjoy delicious Thai delicacies, and even get a Thai massage. There will even be a Thai boxing ring with Muay Thai demonstrations. 

Bikini Riders will assemble on Saturday, July 6th and make their way to the first day of the festival. Organizers will insist everyone signs a pledge to obey all traffic laws and to ensure a safe and fun way to travel to the event. Sign up for the Bikini Bike Ride Taipei (Road to S2O) is free, but does not include festival tickets, which can be bought online or at any 711 location. 

Bikeshare and personal bicycles are both options and many festival goers are excited to help solve one of Dajia Riverside’s biggest drawbacks as a venue: The wait for a taxi or the long walk to and from the closest MRT station.


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