Unlimited Freedom Festival 2019; Highest, most central music and arts festival in Taiwan!

Taiwan is gearing up for what could be the best festival of the year. Over 100 bands and performers will be coming to jam out at the Unlimited Freedom Festival. Bands from all over the world (Taiwan, Japan, The U.K., Korea, Hong Kong, Poland, the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, and more) are ready to rock Taiwan, due to perform at literally “the highest and most central” music and arts festival on the island. This year boasts 6 stages, over 100 bands, and a slew of genres to peak the interests of all music-lovers (Indie music、Punk、Alternative Rock、Post Rock、Heavy metal、Hip Hop、Reggae、 Funk、Folk、Dance 、ACG Music.) The mission of the Unlimited Freedom Festival is to bring you various styles of art and music, married with elements from Taiwanese culture, so that the world can experience the unlimited freedoms of Taiwan, creating an epic experience you won’t soon forget.


The festival has been running since 2007; by the following year, 2008, the event had attracted some 10,000 attendees. In 2015, the festival took on new life, moving out from the city streets and into nature in the mountains of Nantou County, giving birth to its tagline: “the most central and highest festival in Taiwan.” Camping grounds are plentiful and access to these sites is included with select ticket purchases.


The three-day festival starts on October 18th and runs until the 20th! You can purchase single-day tickets, or opt for full festival passes. Special passes that grant ticket-holders full access to the nearby camping grounds are also available. More information is listed below.


At this point, you might be wondering what inspired the name of the Unlimited Freedom Festival. The festival organizers put it very simply : “Taiwan is a beautiful country full of freedom. That is why it is called the Unlimited Freedom Festival!” So, if you’re looking to experience great tunes and multiculturalism amidst nature in one of the freest, most beautiful countries in the world, then this is the festival for you!

Let’s answer all your questions here:
Where is the event?
pasture Yen 顏氏牧場  in  Nantou Puli
No.28, Shuishang Ln., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan
How can I get there?
Here are step by step instructions:
Here is the official taxi service to help you out:
(please, note you will need Google Chrome and Google translate to view in English)
When is the event?
10/18 Time to set up camp!
10/19- 10/20 Time to party!
What to expect?
  • 6 stages
  • About 100 indie bands from the world
  • Fire-stage for fire dance show
  • Mountain camping
  • Art markets and food trucks
  • Peace, Love, Music & Beer
How can people buy tickets?
7Eleven’s ibon machine or buy tickets at the entrance of the festival.


Or enter Taiwan Observer’s free ticket giveaway on our facebook page!
How much are the tickets?

NT$ 1250 – Single day pass

NT$ 2200 – Full access pass

NT$ 2400 – Full access pass with camping grounds included

What about accommodation? 
Recommend Homestay, Hostel, Hotel, B&B
Near the venue:
(Chrome and Google Translate are required for English)
Or stay on site at the camp grounds!
But I need more info about the venue!
(Chrome and Google Translate are required for English)
uff promo with TO


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