Taiwan #1 in world health care rankings 2 years running.

In the annual “Health Care Index by Country” by Numbeo Taiwan’s health care has been ranked #1 out of 93 countries surveyed. This is the second year in a row Taiwan is #1 in the rankings by the online database.

Taiwan received the highest score of 86.71 out of 100 this year, with last year’s score coming in at 86.22. South Korea and Japan came second and third respectively. With South Korea at 81.97 and Japan 81.41. In comparison to its two closest rivals there is an almost 5 point gap and a rise of 0.49 over last year’s numbers.

Top 20:

health care index


According to Numbeo, the results are based on surveys from visitors to its website. 32,883 respondents from 3417 cities were asked to score the overall quality of health care in their country. Here is what they looked at during scoring.

  • Skill and competency of medical staff
  • Speed in completing examination and reports
  • Equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment
  • Accuracy and completeness in filling out reports
  • Friendliness and courtesy of the staff
  • Responsiveness (waitings) in medical institutions
  • Convenience of location for you

Taiwan may be a small island but the healthcare system is affordable and effective, the people who live here seem to agree through the results of this survey.

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