Thanking Taiwan: Indian Community in Taiwan to hold Bike & Car Rally, June 13th

By Jaya Asmi 

TAIWAN CAN HELP- From the New York Times to the skies of Sydney to being printed on the millions of boxes of masks sent to dozens of countries – this slogan is everywhere! And soon you can find it on bikers’ t-shirts and flags during a rally dedicated to Taiwan’s COVID-19 success. 

Yes, Taiwan can help share the success of dealing with the grim pandemic that has taken the world by a storm this year. With millions of people affected by the novel Coronavirus around the globe, this tiny island has risen like a roaring lion. Learning from its previous SARS-2003 epidemic and the 2009 H1N1 outbreak, the island was well prepared with the appropriate laws in place, timely tracking of the outbreak in China, scrupulous monitoring and testing, and effective treatment in well-equipped hospitals. 

However, Taiwan did not just bask in the glory and praise it received from around the world in effectively dealing with COVID-19, it has gone many steps further and is sharing its technical know-how and equipment with other countries. Taiwan might have been excluded from the WHO but it has refused to be isolated. Taiwan has provided more than 16 million medical masks to support medical professionals around the world and has worked together with the US and the EU on the most advanced rapid tests and vaccines for COVID-19.The Indian community in Taiwan has felt touched by how Taiwan has treated citizens, residents and tourists alike- with respect, dignity and compassion. Taiwan has seemed like the safest place to live on earth during these tumultuous times. We have felt proud to be living in a country that was one of the few who reached out to Red Cross Society of India and sent 1 million masks to protect its vulnerable medical personnel. We want not only our fellow citizens back home but also the whole world to know how much we appreciate this beautiful island that we call home. We hope that the world will take notice of this event and support Taiwan in every way possible as it is not just Taiwan, but the rest of the world too which gains from being inclusive.

On June 13th, hundreds of members of the Indian community from all walks of life will come together in the form of a motorbike and car rally to show our appreciation to the government and people of Taiwan. The event is organized and supported by the different Indian associations of Taiwan. This is the first time any foreign community living in Taiwan is coming out and saying thanks to Taiwan. 





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