The Drive That Makes Vietnamese People Come to Taiwan

moneyAfter coming to Taiwan, it is not difficult to find a Vietnamese community living and working here. According to estimations, there are 170.000 Vietnamese workers ( and around 4.000 Vietnamese students in Taiwan. Most Vietnamese who come to Taiwan come for employment in the labor sector. They are usually workers or farmers from the countryside or poor areas in Vietnam with a hope to make and save some money while working in Taiwan. Others hopefully earn money to support their family. The main reason is the basic salary in Taiwan is higher than in Vietnam, more specifically, in Vietnam, the basic income for workers is around 230USD per month (, but in Taiwan a worker can earn approximately 700-800USD per month. Moreover, the cost of living in Taiwan is also considered to be a good reason for Vietnamese worker to come here, as it is relatively affordable to live here for a typical Vietnamese worker. Besides, in big cities such as Taipei or Kaohsiung, there are a lot of job opportunities.

Taiwan is well-known as one of the most developed countries in Asia with a per capita income of

US$ 14,000 per year. Compared to Japan or Korea, Taiwan attracts more Vietnamese people for work because the agency fees are only about US$4,000 which is much lower compared to Japan. In Japan a foreign worker has to pay around US$ 6,500 or US$ 7,500. Taiwan also does not require a high qualification for working or a big deposit. Additionally, the process to leave only takes 3 or 4 months and it are easier for migrant workers based in Taiwan. Electronic equipment and other manufacturing are the most popular fields in Taiwan, workers here can easily find jobs like assembling mobile phones, working at the a machine shop or a garment factory.20151127153403-2.jpgMoreover, they also can be health-care aides in hospitals or medical treatment facilities or even work as a housekeeper. Since 1/1/2017, the basic salary for foreigner working in Taiwan increased from 20.008NDT to 21.008NDT/month. Besides this Taiwan adjusted the standard of insurance such as social insurance or health insurance to make conditions better for foreigners who is working here.

There are a lot of Vietnamese women who get married to Taiwanese men so they can come to Taiwan. If you are a Vietnamese woman who just moved here, Taiwanese people will possibly ask you “Are you married?” A long time ago in Vietnam taking Taiwanese husband became a trend. Many young girls in poor areas or in the countryside chose to marry a Taiwanese man with the belief it could change their lives and bring a better brighter future. At the time it suddenly became a hot topic in Vietnam. There were many stories and issues mentioned in the news. However, lately this trend seems to be going down and people do not pay so much attention to it anymore.


There are still many young Vietnamese people interested in Taiwanese culture and hope to come to Taiwan for university. The Taiwan government provides several scholarships to try to support them studying in Taiwan. There are different reasons that drive Vietnamese people come to Taiwan but mostly for working or getting married, overseas students only make up a small amount. So it is clear that Taiwan is always a hot choice for Vietnamese worker.

by Annie Nguyen

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