TALIM is officially a typhoon and is headed north

Tropical storm Talim was officially upgraded to a typhoon  last night. The typhoon has changed direction and will no longer envelope the whole island as earlier reports suggested. Residents in northern Taiwan have been warned that even though the typhoon isn’t going to directly impact Taiwan, they should still take precautions and watch the local weather reports for changes or warnings. Since they are in the typhoon’s periphery, this could lead to heavy rain and high winds in the area.

The Central Weather Bureau shows the tracking of the storm is headed north and could make its way past Taiwan by Thursday night. The CWB is expected to issue a sea warning on Tuesday, but could also issues a land warning later as the typhoon progresses closer to Taiwan.


17/9/12, 1:06 pm: An official typhoon warning was released by the CWB. (image below)

17/9/12, 5:01 pm: As of this point in time there are no work or school cancellations. (in response to a Facebook comment)(image below)

17/9/13, 3:40 pm: CNA reports “Taiwan is not likely to issue a land warning for Typhoon Talim as the storm’s path has shifted northwards, but the northern half of the island could still be hit by heavy rain, the Central Weather Bureau said Wednesday.”

17/9/13, 3:44 pm: Flight cancellations: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3252052

17/9/13 3:50 pm: work and class are as usual https://www.dgpa.gov.tw/typh/typh/ndse.html

17/9/13 3:52 pm: new tracking for the typhoon

talim far taiwan

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Typhoon TAMILTyphoon TALIM tracking (above)

tamil wind map

Wind map with region map for probability of wind speeds over 60km/h (above)

typhoon TAMIL intensity map

Wind map 2 (above)

tamil official warning

Official Typhoon warning (above)

work school cancel 1

Work and school cancellation 2017/9/12 17:01 (above)

Images from the Central Weather Bureau

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