Professor Wang to bring lecture series, conference on Taiwan

“Illinois State University’s Professor of Politics and Government T.Y. Wang has received an $80,000 grant from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the United States. The grant enables the University to host an international conference about Taiwan on campus this October, and supports an international lecture series on Taiwan issues.

About 25 distinguished scholars specializing in Taiwan study, including those who are affiliated with non-U.S. institutions, and about 10 graduate students will be invited to participate in the conference on “Taiwan in a New Era.” The international speaker series will host five invited academic presentations to be held at various academic institutions.

For more than a decade, Wang has collaborated with a national group of senior scholars who study Taiwan. The Taiwan and Asia Program scholars share resources and combine research efforts to understand the unique political environment
in the area.”

As Taiwan continues to reach out to strengthen the ties the Island has to the international community, this yet another instance of the government trying to bring awareness to the island nation and its people. The South Bound Policy is the biggest and most notable of these moves, but Taiwan is doing all it can from conferences to tech expos to build its soft power in western countries too.

Above excerpt was taken from Illinois State University’s ‘Grant News’


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