Netflix set to make a Taiwanese series: A Taiwanese Tale Of Two Cities

The Taiwanese film industry is getting some much deserved international attention. Netflix has just announced that they will be working with Taiwanese companies Kbro Media and Good Image production to bring award winning director Nelson Yeh’s vision to life. The director has been nominated and won many awards in Asia and was the director of the 2016 film “The mad king of Taipei”. The project has already received a government grant from the Ministry of culture. The ministry are supporting the project for helping portray Taiwan’s story with a global perspective.

The story will center around 2 women one in Taipei and one in San Francisco. The woman living in Taipei is a traditional medical practitioner and the one living in San Francisco is a programmer fora silicon valley company. The two women will swap lives and homes for a new cultural adventure. We will see their journeys, from their unique perspectives, in this story that brings a new light to the different lives of Taiwanese around the world.

The series is expected to start filming in late 2017. So its safe to say we might see this in our Netflix ques before 2019. Hopefully this series can bring new light to the lives and culture of the Taiwanese people in a global perspective.


A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities with its universal appeal is more than just a collaboration with Netflix, it’s an opportunity for Taiwan content creators on the world stage,”  -Nelson Yeh, Director

Said John Derderian, Director of International Originals at Netflix, “We are excited about A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities bringing the multi-cultural worlds of Taiwan and America to our 104 million members across 190 countries. This is a testament to how great stories travel.” -John Derderian, Director of International Originals at Netflix

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