Not So Exciting Release of the New iPhone

Lately the Apple Company has been discouraging queues in front of its shops for security reasons. There were countless incidents in the past that Apple just wanted to avoid this time. Stampedes, pushing and shoving aren’t the best for company’s image. Having these in mind the company had set dates for pre-orders, and shipped the devices directly to customers on the first day of actual availability. Another thing that Apple did was allowing customers to book a product and retrieve it later from the store at predetermined hours. This practice really helped to clear the queues.

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So, this time during the release of iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus, and Smart Watch Series 3 crowds that gathered outside Apple Stores around the globe weren’t that big. The three latest devices didn’t cause enough excitement to make people camp outside Apple Stores and square off for the final clash deciding who is the first person in the country to have their hands on an Apple gadget. A lot of people decided to wait for the release of iPhone X later on this year, too.

A few places in America saw longer queues outside Apple Stores. Many of the people lined up outside were citizens of other countries, where the new iPhones are not available yet or are available for more expensive prices. Reportedly outside of San Francisco’s store there were about a hundred people lined up on the morning of the release but it was a sheer exception, most other location stayed quiet and saw tens of people at best.


In Taiwan the situation was no different, Apple customers could easily book a time when they could come to pick up their device and there was no really a reason for anybody to line up. Taiwan Observer’s correspondent went to check what was happening outside of the newly opened, official Apple store that only started operating in Taiwan on July 1st 2017.


Upon arrival there was only one person sitting on a little blanket outside of Taipei 101 mall’s door in which Apple Store is located. 20170922_003448Bronson didn’t want to be interviewed either by our correspondent or any of the traditional media reporters that came later. Later on he needed to go to work and he didn’t want his boss to find out what he did before the start of his shift. He agreed to a photo but only after he wore a surgical mask disguising his identity. At night the scene outside of Taipei 101 mall was quite eerie, there was only Bronson and a few of other people in little groups perched around stairs leading to Taipei 101 station and at the tables nearby. In the morning around 6 am reporters affiliated with traditional media started to appear. First there was a cameraman and a lady anchor, Bronson explained to them how he booked his new iPhone8 but refused to be interviewed. Later on another cameraman came and took a few takes of what was happening inside the store. Just before 7 there were about three other crews all waiting for the release. At 8 am the doors opened and happy Bronson alongside a few other Apple enthusiast entered the mall and went to the first shop on the right, which happened to be the Apple Store. The TV crews followed them closely. Customers got their new phones and watches, a couple got interviewed and without much pomp and circumstance the day continued as any other.



The new iPhone is now available in United Arab Emirates, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Virgin Islands US, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States.

From Friday, September 29, they will also be available in Andorra, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia as well as Greece.


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