iPhone X launch at Taipei 101

The iPhone X was released this morning early at 8 am. There were queues of people lined up all night around the city, many lining up at 101 and many lining up at telecom stores. All to be the first to get the new highly anticipated iPhone X.

Last night the guards at the Taipei 101 building told people to leave from the front door and to wait elsewhere. Our correspondent caught it on camera while staking out the late night iPhone X line. Check out that article here (Nighttime Stakeout for New iPhone X). He also encountered some people queued at their local telecom provider.

This morning the iPhone event at Taipei 101 was a big to do, unlike the launch of the iPhone 8 where we saw only one enthusiast lining up over night in front of 101. More here (Not So Exciting Release of the New iPhone).

The guy in the front of the line was happy to talk to reporters and told us he is excited for the release and that the new feature he was most excited for was the Face ID, whereby you can unlock your phone by scanning your face. The guy got 2 new phones, one in Space Gray and one in white.  We got him on our live stream of the event unboxing his new phones, at 14 minutes onward. (Facebook iPhone X launch live stream)

Each person at the event had to line up and wait for their own personal apple service person to help them with their new purchase. They would help customers by fetching their new iPhone and having them pay for it, as the phone were kept in a backroom. Then they would help the customer set up the phone and explain some of the new features. The Apple staff were very helpful and made sure to explain all the new features in as much detail as the customers wanted or needed. VIP treatment for all those buying in-store today.

Many media outlets showed up to cover the event. TV, print, and web, with live steams being plenty. Taiwan observer’s editorial scene event caught one of the apple employees using and iPad Pro to sketch pictures of the first person to buy the iPhone that day.  They really went all out for this event.

We also got a little hands on with the new iPhone X during our live stream. We didn’t cover it extensively but the new feature for going back to home screen by swiping up from the bottom is a great new addition that Apple couldn’t do without after removing the home button and fingerprint scanner.

All in all the iPhone X launch was much bigger than the iPhone 8, but that was wholly expected giving the release of a much better phone, the iPhone X, just short time after. They really went all out for this one.


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