Su Beng’s 100th Birthday Gala

The Taiwan Observer team was invited by a local activist and artist Kenbo Liao to join Su Beng’s 100th birthday celebration. The event was held on Nov, 5, 2017. There were many of Su Beng’s fans and other political activists at the event. The security was extremely tight since president Tsai showed up to say a few words at the event.

The event was surrounded by fencing and everyone had to enter through security check points. Once inside there were many stalls many selling pro independence literature and art. The main star of the event, Su Beng, had a long line of revelers asking for photos and signatures. The man of the hour was more capable than one would expect a 100 year old man to be. The cameras snapped photos and videos for a while then he was carted of in his wheel chair with a mob in tow to go see the performance in his honor.


The day was filled with speeches from local activists, bands playing music, lion dances, a puppet show, and a few words from the president. Sellers of books, art, and traditional wares also took part in the festivities, with their respective political agendas prominently displayed.


The one downside to the event, as pointed out by a former professor and activist we spoke to, was that there weren’t enough younger people at the event. He lamented that only the older generation had shown up in large numbers and that he wished that there could have been more interest from younger people.


Here are the rest of the photos we took of the event, including a cool dog in glasses.

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