GIRL HAS BEEN FOUND “Missing Girl, Help Needed”

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A missing girl who netizens from Social Media of Taiwan helped looking for last night, has turned up all safe and sound at a Police station in Taichung. She was picked up in the early hours of Sunday at 1:50 am by a member of her family. As of now (2:00 am December 17th, 2017) she is no longer being searched for. On behalf of the family and friends we want to thank all the readers for helping in the search.

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Dear Observers, this is an emergency this time. A young, 19 years old girl from South Africa that only came to Taiwan recently has gone missing. She was last seen at the Changhua Police station after 3 am this morning. The girl in question was apparently quite intoxicated and this was the reason for the Police to apprehend her. Officers not knowing any better what to do with their ‘find’ drove her to National Changhua University of Education at 4 am and left her there. Later police claimed they didn’t know how to help her and the girl requested to be dropped off at that particular location, the force did not try to contact anybody. A search party has been dispatched combing Changhua county.

The girl doesn’t know anybody here in Taiwan apart from a few people that are beside themselves with worry. Her phone must be lost or broken as it appears to be turned off when somebody calls it.

Editor’s note:This is a developing story, updates will be given as new information arises.

Below we have posted her picture and if anyone sees her please contact us on:

0900 470 844

or go to and click the “Send Message”

She is a short, skinny girl with long brown hair and blue eyes.

her name is:

Luke DanielPhotoEdited

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  1. She is safe and sound. Her father has fetched her and taken her home. She tested negative for drugs or alcohol, but had a breakdown and became disoriented. Thanks for all your concerns.


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