Changhua Missing Girl Found

In the turn of events the ‘Changhua Missing Girl’ that failed to return home on Friday night has been found and is now safe and sound in her host’s house in Changhua . A friend of hers was informed early in the morning on Sunday (December 17th, 2017), that the girl was found and kept at a police station in Taichung. Without a second delay she rushed to pick her up. They were reunited with at 1:50 am.

Prior to her finding, the Changhua Police department released the last picture that was taken of her that morning, still at the Changhua Police station before she was dropped off at the National Changhua University of Education:


In the photo the girl looks overawed and intimidated by the surroundings. She only came to Taiwan recently, she doesn’t speak Mandarin yet, either. It was difficult for her to communicate with the locals and her family were beside themselves with worry since they couldn’t even contact her as her cell phone didn’t ring. What transpired later is that the police were trying to charge her phone, but they couldn’t turn it on and were unable to contact her friends and relatives. 

At some point the family thought that the girl decided to go back to South Africa after apparently being unable to adapt to the life in Taiwan, they suspected she wanted to run away. Not long after she was located at a police station in Taichung. She was picked up in the early hours of Sunday at 1:50 am by a distant member of her family and then taken home.


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