A review of the WeMo electric scooter sharing app and how it works

WeMo electric scooters This week I finally tried the WeMo electric scooter service for the first time. WeMo is a stationless rental scooter, it is basically the "oBike" concept applied for electric scooters. You need a scooter? You find one nearby on the map, take it, ride where you want and leave the scooter on... Continue Reading →


  Phải làm gì khi bạn làm việc “chui” ở Đài Loan nhưng có ý định quay về Việt Nam ?   Người lao động ở lại quá thời hạn và làm việc bất hợp pháp (BHP) muốn xin rời khỏi Đài Loan trước tiên cần phải ra “ đầu thú”. Người lao động BHP... Continue Reading →

How to leave Taiwan if you overstayed (For Foreign Workers)

What to do when you have overstayed and worked in Taiwan illegally, but have decided to leave the island? If you want to self-repatriate you will have to approach authorities and start the “Surrender Process”. This procedure is done in a humane way and since you are approaching the authorities yourself you won’t be detained.... Continue Reading →


Đến Đài Loan, bạn sẽ dễ dàng tìm thấy một cộng đồng người Việt hiện đang sinh sống và làm việc tại đây. Theo thống kê , hiện nay có khoảng 170.000 người lao động Việt Nam (theo vieclamdailoan.vn) và khoảng 4000 du học sinh sang học ĐH tại Đài Loan. Qua số liệu trên,... Continue Reading →

South Bound Policy and Changes for Overseas Workers

The current government is taking its “Southbound Policy” seriously and overseas workers are benefiting from it already. The “Southbound Policy” itself aims at strengthening ties with ASEAN countries, which is becoming very handy in many societal and economical aspects of cooperation between Taiwan and countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia or Indonesia. On August... Continue Reading →

Taiwan, Unofficial Animal Shelters List

Taiwan, Unofficial Animal Shelters List This is Taiwan Observer’s unofficial list of animal shelters in Taiwan. Most shelters are in desperate need of volunteers. The Taiwan Observer community has stepped up and requested a list of shelters they could help out at. We have compiled this list of shelters to help connect the community with... Continue Reading →

Bikes, bike-sharing, and regulations.

Bikes, bike-sharing, and regulations. Taiwan has always been a place where bicycles are a big deal. Recently there have been innovations in bike-sharing and related tech. Along with those innovations are new regulations and an effort by the government to support and facilitate more bikers in the city. The biggest and most visible of these... Continue Reading →

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