Taiwan #1 in world health care rankings 2 years running.

In the annual "Health Care Index by Country" by Numbeo Taiwan's health care has been ranked #1 out of 93 countries surveyed. This is the second year in a row Taiwan is #1 in the rankings by the online database. Taiwan received the highest score of 86.71 out of 100 this year, with last year's... Continue Reading →

Why Tainan is the Gem of the South

Immersing yourself in flashing lights, pulsing music, and smoke machines can indeed be a grand way to celebrate the weekend. That being said, it can also be immensely rewarding to unwind by another route: to step back from the sometimes relentless, never-ending motion of Taipei City life, treat yourself to a quick getaway, and soak... Continue Reading →

High school students pitch Taiwan’s “Shark Tank”, Dragon’s Chamber Taiwan on their businesses

Two High School entrepreneur groups from Dominican International School participated in last week’s Dragons' Chamber event at Meet Taipei 2019.  In this annual event finalists pitch their businesses to long-term, established expatriate entrepreneurs in Taipei. The organizers gave two of the school’s student businesses the opportunity to pitch their businesses to showcase the Dragons' Chamber... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Hakka Culture With MyTaiwanTour

Night markets, bubble tea, shrimp fishing, temples, and hot springs - these are the beloved staples of Taiwanese culture, and are indispensable items on every tourist’s itinerary. That being said, this vibrant and remarkably unique island is loaded with hidden gems and one-of-a-kind experiences that even many of the locals have neglected to fully appreciate.... Continue Reading →

Unlimited Freedom Festival 2019; Highest, most central music and arts festival in Taiwan!

Taiwan is gearing up for what could be the best festival of the year. Over 100 bands and performers will be coming to jam out at the Unlimited Freedom Festival. Bands from all over the world (Taiwan, Japan, The U.K., Korea, Hong Kong, Poland, the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, and more) are ready to rock Taiwan, due... Continue Reading →

WISH Upon a Sustainable Sky Lantern This Fall in PingXi 

Fully embrace the arrival of autumn this year by partaking in a beloved local tradition, modernized to show better regard for Mother Earth, and a magical outdoor festival that will have you wishing you never had to leaf.     Taiwan Observer was recently invited to a demo tour for a taste of the much-anticipated... Continue Reading →

3 Most Instagram-Worthy Historical Mansions in Taipei 

If you’re looking to kick back on a lazy Sunday afternoon, snap some sweet shots for the ‘gram, and simultaneously experience Taiwanese culture, check out these gorgeous old mansions in Taipei:     The Lin Family Mansion & Garden (No. 9, Ximen St., Banqiao District, New Taipei City; Mondays-Sundays 9:00AM - 5:00PM, closed on the 1st... Continue Reading →

Join 100+ Bikini Riders Set to Descend on Taipei for the S20 Festival!

Taipei Summers are scorching and July 6 is the perfect day of the year to put on a bikini, hop on a bicycle, and head to S20, the only festival in Taiwan with fire hoses mounted on the main stage!  Heads will turn as over 100 riders wearing bikinis leave Maji Square and head to... Continue Reading →

Touring Kaohsiung: War Paint, Swinging Swords, & A Trip To The Moon! Pt.2

Read Pt.1 here Following a tasty Taiwanese breakfast at the canteen, the group filed into Shunsian Temple just next door to the hostel. A sweet older woman, who we learned was a volunteer, led the tour while our trusty MyTaiwanTour guide, Gordon, played translator. The natural lighting drifting into the temple was almost redundant, for the intricately... Continue Reading →

Taiwan: 9th most efficient healthcare system in the world!

Taiwan is often praised by visitors and residents for its healthcare system. Not only is the healthcare cheap, it is efficient. There aren't long wait times or lack of experienced medical professionals like in some other places that offer universal healthcare. In fact, in 2018, Taiwan ranked 9th in Bloomberg's annual Healthcare Efficiency Index. This... Continue Reading →

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